Corvelle Consulting is a leading vendor of EPAP implementation and operation services to the upstream oil & gas industry. Yogi Schulz, an associate in Corvelle Consulting, led the development of EPAP for the AER in Alberta and ECON in Saskatchewan.

Better Faster Cheaper EPAP Results

Engage Corvelle to implement and operate EPAP produces better, faster, cheaper results. Here’s why:


Corvelle has developed and tested all the deliverables required to cost-effectively implement and operate EPAP.

Corvelle's expertise avoids operator management and the Regulators disappointment with the EPAP implementation.


Corvelle focuses on evaluating just the controls required to achieve EPAP goals.

Corvelle's experience avoids detours into business process discussions that add schedule delays.


Corvelle contains scope to just the EPAP requirements.

Corvelle's project management avoids adding scope for remediation work that drives up costs.

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Executive Briefing Note

This document provides a brief overview of the Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP).

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EPAP Quick Overview

If you only have a few minutes, read an EPAP Quick Overview in question and answer format.

Wondering if your EPAP project is OK?

The value of the EPAP Project Quick Self-Assessment Questionnaire is to quickly assess if your EPAP implementation project is likely to succeed. The results will show you what actions to take to position the EPAP implementation project for success.

Your effort required to complete the EPAP Project Quick Self-Assessment Questionnaire is measured in minutes.

To complete the questionnaire, please download the document.

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