This page lists the approximate titles of individuals who are stakeholders or project team members in a typical EPAP implementation project.

Project Steering Committee

  • VP of Production or Operations
  • CFO or VP Finance
  • Manager of Production Accounting

The steering committee will almost always include the senior executives who will sign the EPAP Declaration annually.

To invite a Corvelle consultant to your office to describe membership and roles of an effective steering committee, please contact us.

Project Team

  • Project Manager
  • Measurement Specialist
  • Senior Production Accounting Analyst
  • Field Operations Analyst
  • Production Engineer
  • Facilities Engineer

How many of these project team positions are filled and how much effort will required is directly related to the monthly production volume of the operator.

At larger operators, many individuals hold these positions and multiple individuals may participate on the project team to represent their respective geographic production areas or business units.

Most EPAP implementation project teams do not initially include a position for an Information Systems professional such as a Business Analyst or an Integration Analyst.

Participation of an Information Systems professional becomes useful under one or more of the following circumstances:

  1. The evaluation of controls identifies significant data quality or lack of data integrity issues that need to be remediated. Examples, in an EPAP context, include missing gas chart data, unlikely well test volumes and uneven proration factors.
  2. The operator identifies value in strengthening automated controls; particularly cross-system automated controls. A good example, in an EPAP context, is an automated report that identifies differences in well lists and attribute data among production accounting, field data capture and financial accounting systems.
  3. The operator identifies the need to provided better automated support for some business processes. A frequent example, in an EPAP context, is the need to automate the management and distribution of oil & gas sample data provided by a laboratory analysis.

To invite a Corvelle consultant to your office to describe roles and responsibilities of the members of a typical EPAP implementation project team, please contact us.