Recent news from the AER regarding EPAP.

AER Directive 017: Measurement Requirements for Oil and Gas Operations

The AER has released the latest revised edition of Directive 017 – Measurement Requirements for Oil and Gas Operations – Effective September 11, 2012.

The latest revised edition replaces previous April 18, 2011 edition.

Please read the synopsis that includes links to download the bulletin and revised edition of Directive 017.

AER EPAP System – Action Items/Notifications

On July 9, 2012, the AER announced that the Action Item portion of the EPAP System is now available.

The Production Audit Team (PAT) now has the ability to communicate with operators using the Action Item functionality within the EPAP System. An action item is a formal request from the PAT to an operator to provide additional information or to investigate a specific issue.

Please read the details at this link.

AER Directive 017: Measurement Requirements for Oil and Gas Operations

Draft additions and revisions available for stakeholder review.

On January 31, 2012, the AER issued Bulletin 2012-03 to announce draft additions to Directive 017.

Among many revisions, the major additions are:

  1. Section 1.9: Measurement Schematics
    1. presents the requirements and exceptions for schematics used for measurement, accounting, and reporting purposes.
  2. Section 1.10: Facility Delineation
    1. describes how facilities should be delineated based on facility subtypes to conform with ERCB reporting requirements. The facility delineation scenarios will be added to the relevant sections elsewhere in the directive.

Please read the bulletin and download the new version of Directive 017.