This page lists the major deliverables of a typical EPAP implementation project.

  1. Defining the Approach to EPAP Operations
  2. Property production volumes for property sampling
  3. Evaluation of controls procedure(s)
  4. Conducting evaluations of controls
  5. Consolidating evaluations of controls results for the EPAP declaration
  6. Compliance Assessment Report management
  7. Compliance Assessment Report investigation and resolution process
  8. Business process and controls documentation
  9. Remediation management
  10. Sustainment model for EPAP operation
  11. Evaluation of compliance-oriented reports
  12. Management EPAP presentation
  13. Employee EPAP orientation presentation
  14. Project management

Plan for preparing the subsequent year declarationTo invite a Corvelle consultant to your office to describe best practise EPAP deliverables, please contact us.